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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Forces Beyond Our Control Are At Work Here

The weather has been wild to say the least. Thursday was in the 50's with rain which led to melting - that would've been A-OK if it was spring. It is not spring. I had to drive to work that night and the fog was unreal - I got to work by following the center line of the road, in some parts it was so bad I couldn't even see that. I was so afraid of losing the road and accidently getting lost. If I had, I would've had to stay there til morning since I don't know the area well enough to find my way back and one wrong turn and you could end up in Canada.  Friday was the high 30's which furthered the melting into flooding AND it started snowing- freezing raining. David turned around and brought Jackson home since the roads were nasty and flooded and he figured there wasn't any school. He figured wrong so Jackson got another free day courtesy of Dad. We then got snow-snow and it was off to work again last night, but the roads were all cleared by then. I've got to say they're pretty good about road maintenance around here. This morning I had a new problem because the temps had dropped back down into the teens and due to all the melting  snow and ice MY ENTIRE CAR WAS FROZEN SHUT. I couldn't even get it unlocked! I did manage to get the back window open and with a bit of tugging got the door open too. So I threw in my backpack and went over the seats - I was off today and was NOT spending it in the parking lot of Wayne Memorial. I put the heat on high and by the time I got home the driver's side was unlocked. David continues on the bedroom upstairs, he's put in two big windows and I'm not sure why since he is married to a Vampire - big windows and I don't get along in the daytime. Between that and  the french doors, not to mention the already-there floor to ceiling window we'll be going broke buying black-out shades. I also got David to cut the back of my hair today, I cut the parts I could reach but not the parts I can't see since that would probably not be a good idea. My hair is so flat and thin I hate to spend time and money on something that takes two minutes at home. So I once again got my hair done in Chez-Kitchen - cheap and convinent and always open. Jackson's busy tending the fire today with Vincent supervising. That aspect if VERY important to the cat!

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