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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Snow-body Snows The Trouble I've Seen.

Since it snows here all the way through May (or so!) I'm afraid that gives me free license to use the word "snow" in a variety of ways. This morning the tempeture was six below, but warmed up to a balmly 1 degree as I left for work. Work has been going fairly well, there are a large amount of nurses from NY there, one I  work with grew up in Center Moriches and my preceptor last night grew up in Queens. I'll be off orientation by Friday and will have a schedule by then. Jackson's school got dismissed early which I suspected it would - when I got up at noon the snow was coming down fairly well. I waited for him to call, he didn't so I got in the shower which would be when he called. He had to endure at least 30 minutes of true hardship and even managed to walk about 600 feet before I came and got him. This was due more to talking than snow, but he made the most out of what he considers a distressing situation. All of which was cured with two boxes of girlscout cookies when we got home (yes, it's that time of the year again!). I was a little annoyed that while he was at the bus stop he shared his cell phone so the other kids could call home for rides and then none of the parents offered him a ride home! They're predicting a full foot of snow for Sunday - don't tell David, I want it to be a surprise, LOL!!

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