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Friday, January 28, 2005

Butt Mom!!.....

Things I have discovered about Pennsylvania:

"Minus 7" is not a math problem. It is a tempeture

"Hat hair" isn't necessarily a bad thing at times.

There are some days when you don't really care if you have hat hair or not.

When the roads ice, downhill is WAY scarier than uphill.

Jackson's been to school on time for two days now with no delays which is a record at this point in time. Work's been going pretty good, in the past week I've worked on 3 different floors - my shoes and I have yet to be on the same floors at the same time. Everyone leaves thier shoes at work and I do mean everyone! They have shoe racks on all the floors just for this and with the cold weather it makes sense. I bought a pair of shearling lined suede boots which I'm never without at this point. I've been floating the hospital all week but I don't mind as it gives me an opportunity to meet everyone and really, so far everyone has been so nice! There's the usual bit of gossip here and there of course, but none of it especially mean which is encouraging. A lot of the patients are from outlying areas so it's giving me quite a bird's eye view on the area. Oh, and my digital camera recovered from it's injury, it just started working on it's own again and I'm glad about that. I was not looking foward to spending $150 (and up) for a new one. I'm very careful with it now!



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