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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Portrait Of A Bad Cat

That bad cat Vincent broke my digital camera last night! I'd been using it and left it on the coffee table and when I got up this morning it was lying on the floor with the batteries popped out. When I take a picture all I get is black with streaks of color. I contacted Kodak and that could be caused by someone (or some cat!!) dropping it. Sigh, so we're in the market for a new one I suppose. And I'm also having problems with EZPass, can you believe it? David lost his credit card a few months ago so we had to cancel and get new ones which changed the account. I hadn't used my EZPass until last month so I get a letter saying my credit card won't allow them to charge it so my pass is invalid. I filled out the paperwork thinking things were OK and THEN I get a letter from the credit card co. telling me they can't allow it. Seems my new address on the my bank checks (physical address) don't jive with the new address on my credit card account so they won't allow me to use it. I can't remember my PIN # for the pass or my old credit card account number so I can't do anything over the phone - it's trouble all around. David is doing battle with Waste Management again, we keep getting this bill for $64 that we don't owe - we thought it had been cleared up since we'd spoken to them in March of last year and they'd said we didn't owe it. Then we get told they sent a bill to our old address in July(??) and since we didn't answer they gave it to a collection agency. Since it's now January that makes no sense at all. It's still snowing, Jackson had the whole day off today as a change of pace from having two hours off. Jackson said the delays work because what they do is shorten up all the classes so they get the full day in. I'm off to work tonight but off for the weekend!

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