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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

They cancelled school again today, the weather was right and it's STILL snowing. It's supposed to turn to rain tonight so I hope the roads dont get too bad as I'm working the 11 to 7 am. Last night was my first on the nightshift and I was relieved to find it was stocked with it's usual cast of characters (including me!) all of whom have personality quirks. It was fun but on the other hand my preceptor and I only had one patient that was fairly stable so it wasn't hard. I finally got a picture of Vincent carrying his toy ball, we found him doing this last week and did a double take when he walked by. If the ball lands somewhere he doesn't like he picks it up and carries it to a better spot, it's very odd to see a cat walking around with a ball in his mouth though.  I found some old pictures of the loft area and posted them so you could see the difference of the past few months. David has been going great guns and has been installing the window overlooking the hourse pasture. He's got all the major stuff done and I figure we have the rest of the winter to finish it. The snow continues to fall, they had predicted 2 -4 inches but I'm thinking it might end up being more.

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