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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

A Boy And His Cat

The Gestapo called on Saturday morning, they had stopped some strange polish guy at the gate. I told them to go ahead and frisk him, but they were NOT amused - the whole thing was stupid. They see Ray all the time but rules are rules. David told Ray he was lucky they didn't do a cavity search or set the dogs on him. Despite the excitemtn at the gate we had a VERY nice weekend as the temps were in the high 40's to 50's. We went to the indoor flea market, Ray found it very interesting. He also got a good deal on picture frames at AC Moores, they were having a 40% off sale on  them. He does a lot of watercolors so he's always looking for frames. When we go to Dickson City David heads off to Home Depot and we head off to the arts and crafts store. David's been busy building on the loft, it's coming along very fast - he's trying to get as much done before I go on nights which hopefully should be soon. I had my first day of orientation on the floor yesterday - my preceptor was overwhelmed so I just started doing stuff the best I could. I did an admission, called a doctor for verification, transcribed orders and put orders in the computer with no guidance. The preceptor started getting testy with me because she couldn't find the labs in the chart I'd put together - that would be because she had them in her folder, sheesh!! I'll be glad to go back on nights, this day stuff is for the birds. I've got to go to hospital orientation today, IV stuff tomorrow, back on the floor on Thursday. They're calling for bad weather on Wednesday but up in the 50's on Sunday - this weather is crazy

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