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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Cats, cats and more cats!

Mr. Lee has recently started waking us up around 4 am - ish again. We try to ignore her but having a small cat marching up and down your body while meowing is pretty hard. Since I've got to be up early anyhow this week it's not a big deal I suppose. Orientation was the usual - not as bad as others but by 9 am I was wiggling in my seat and clock watching. Today is 8 hours of IV talk and then back on the floor for the rest of the week. The weather is going to change today, we are under a winter storm watch which Jackson has been encouraging - he gloats everytime we watch the weather and feels it's a done deal. They delay school for every little bit of snow we've had so far so he's busy plotting and planning his free time. The people that bought the house next door were out for a couple days last week but we didn't see them, just saw the car in the driveway and lights on. I think they have small children so hopefully they will be just weekenders! I'm a bit more tolerant of small children as long as they're quiet and stay away from me. David continues to work on his loft project, I'll take pictures in a couple days - the sheetrock is up and the doors are in. We are having a bit of an arguement since that area has large windows and a slider and I cannot sleep during the day if the room is going to be lit up like JFK.

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