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Saturday, January 22, 2005

How Cold Is Cold?

I suspected the temps had dropped when I went out to clean the windows of my car and the Windex froze on contact. My suspcions grew when I noticed my uncanny ability to walk on top of the snow without breaking it. We don't have to call the dogs in anymore as they do thier business about 10 feet away from the deck and are at the back door almost before they left! It was minus six again when we got up this am but it's warmed up to about  - 2 degrees now. I'm a bit worried about driving to work tonight as the snow is supposed to start falling late afternoon and I'm working the 11-7. I got a schedule for work and they do a fairly decent job of it. My weekends are Fridays and Saturdays so I've got real weekends off. I'm relieved to be back on an every other weekend off work schedule. Being off every weekend gets a bit tiring since it leaves me free to chauffer Mr. Jackson around and I don't seen to be able to get anything more than that done. We've spotted him talking to another kid on his bus so he is making friends despite all his claims of Lone-Wolfness and so forth. Adam's also fine, out to sea again which is not sitting well with him. He's been seeing a girl and from what we know she goes to college and he hasn't been hanging around the bars so I think we can safely put her in the "nice" girl column of life. All the animals are fine of course, this morning they're all piled around the woodstove. We just wade past them once in awhile to throw another log on - if one of them died you'd never know it since they don't move at all. David been keeping busy finishing his room upstairs and he's slated to start an addition in March so he's been keeping busy with that. I'm still knitting that poncho - I'm on the 2nd half - and managed to find a skein of yarn that matches the burgandy. I bought a ton of yarn on clearance but the downside is if I run short I can't just go buy another skein since most of it has been discontinued. My only other altenative's the internet, I did find the exact yarn I needed but it would've cost about $9 to buy it. That would've negated any savings from buying it onsale, not to mention havingt to wait for it. And we all know how patient I am!!

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