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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bermuda, Bahamas, Come On Pretty Momma....

David insists on cranking the woodstove at all times lately (possibly related to the last heating bill.....) so the downstairs family room has a tropical atmosphere, you almost expect to see palm trees waving by the workshop. I worked on the PCU unit last night (Progressive Care Unit) - it was very OK. You have to give out your own meds but you only have 6 patients so it's a good trade off. One of the nurses I work with had pictures of her Florida vacation and I thought it was a group shot with Mickey Mouse - but it was just her and her TEN kids, holy toledo Batman! AND she's due in July - since I had trouble dealing with two children almost 7 years apart you just know it boggles my mind. And she works full time! I'm thinking of starting a knitting club here in the hideout, I posted on the hideout website and got a few responses so I'm going to be looking into that next week when things are a bit more settled. This morning was a bit of a rush from work, I'm playing catch-up with job requirements and finally got all my "pre-employment" done. Got my physical in the ER, the doctor down there's very nice but I got a little surprise when she told me she heard a click which is a mitral valve prolapse. That's one of the valves in your heart doesn't shut right, but it's a fairly common and benign condition. I did look it up on the internet and came across a holistic "doctor" website that claimed people with MVP are "wired differently" and are prone to over-reaction to any stress - wow. I have no idea who he might be talking about, I myself NEVER over react. He also claimed they're also more prone to diarherra which I have to say might not be a good thing if you're going to be over reacting to stuff. All my time might now have to be taken up shrieking and pooping. It might be wise not to surprise me. The weather has turned warmer so everything's melting into a sloppy mess right now. I wouldn't mind but I know the temp will drop and we'll have car/ice sculptures again. I finally bought ice skates so maybe I'll get to use them. And school was cancelled again today. Oh well, Aloha from Lake Ariel!

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