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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back in Time

How quickly I remembered how things used to be - I found David and Pearl in the laundry room yesterday morning. When I inquired as to what they were doing, David replied he was going to work - I asked why if he was going to work what he was doing shoving his pocket full of shotgun shells - was there something I needed to know? Then he admitted there MIGHT be a bit of hunting going on that morning but he was doing it for the dog.... this all ends on the 24rth so I'll just pretend I don't see them sneaking off every 5 minutes. David got Jackson a license too so they'll both be trolloping about on Saturday with Pearl the Hunting Dog in tow. I'm on call this weekend which sucks but what can you do? Yesterday I spent thinking about Annie - she occasionally pops into my mind unannounced, I have no idea why. She was a woman I met when I was about 16 - and she was what I wanted to be when I grew up. She was a fish filleter at Carnisi's where I opened scollops after school - my bench was near the pass through where she was on the other side filleting fish. She was pretty big - at least I thought so at the time, always wore a crew cap and a yellow rain jacket, and could fillet a fish in under 30 seconds. She spent her winters in the keys working the bars, she told me once she could carry two kegs by herself. She drove an old bronco that had about a million miles on it, it seemed to suit her perfectly. I just admired her to pieces, she just did what she wanted to do, made a ton of money and no one ever told her what to do, not even the owner of the shop - she was so good at her job she pretty much ran her own show. I never did get to be a fish filleter - it's one of those jobs it's almost impossible to get into, no one will hire you without experience and you can't get experience without the job. I guess one of the reasons I think about her is you wonder what happens to people like that when they get older - do they eventually marry, find a permenent job, a stable place to live? Or do they spend thier whole lives travelling back and forth with no one, living from temporary apartment to temporary apartment and if they do, is it really that bad of a life? Sometimes I wish I knew what happened to her and I hope she's still as happy as she was when I knew her.

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