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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The 66th Annual Buckwheat Festival......

....and I have the tee-shirt to prove it. We went fairly early as it was Saturday and that is one of the most crowded days of all. They do the animal judging in the morning and then have the Farmer's Parade around 12 where the grand champions get shown off - it's a very big deal in Kingwood. The first thing I headed for was the Fried Dough stand - you have NO IDEA how good that stuff is - it's not for the  weak of heart or the the cholesterol impaired though. They take a piece of dough the size of a dinner plate, deep fry it and then roll it in sugar thereby covering all the food groups in one fell swoop. David made me share with him as he refuses to put up with the aftereffects of my eating something like that by myself for the rest of the afternoon. After that we headed for the livestock barns where all the 4-H kids were sitting with thier show animals - the pigs were huge as were the cows and the goats and sheep were adorable. We did the craft building next and then went shopping. I bought some buckwheat flour that now has to be shipped off and got my official tee shirt of course. by now it was closing in on afternoon and we headed out as the traffic and people were pouring in - this is one of the biggest fairs in WV and people plan thier vacations around it. As you may have noticed Jackson was not with us - he was off having a ball with the car which we let him have for the entire day,  much to his amusement. I checked the local calendar of events and the person that told me it was Homecoming this weekend was wrong so Jackson headed off with no restrictions other than be home before dark. He and Becky tooled around for most of the day just enjoying the freedom no parents bring.

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mosie1944 said...

Oh, I WANT that blue ribbon quilt!  I've never seen one quite like it.