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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Heat Goes On

Well, I don't know about you guys, but it's been running in the 90's for the past few days, not a cloud in sight. Pearl and I have been making great use of the swimming pool, I think she spends more time in it than I do. The house situation changes daily - the aforementioned $20,000 was the suggestion of the inspector who just 'threw out that number" as per the buyers. Idiot. David has fixed most of the items on the list and they can buy their own damn microwave light bulb. Now we have to live through the appraisal and the rest of the ensuing activities. I've completely given up trying to sleep past 4. As of this  Friday 7 am I am no longer on call so that's one thing less to deal with. It's so weird thinking that I no longer have to work 5 days a week if I don't want to (well, except for that nasty eating and living inside preference I have.....), I can sort of pick and choose what I want to do. Although I won't get paid vacation anymore it's nice just to be able to take the days off I want and not have to worry about getting back. Jackson and Becky have been seeing each other pretty much every day so the old adage that Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder holds true. I cleaned out my car yesterday morning, it was so much of a mess I couldn't stand it anymore. I've been cleaning the house off and on all morning, the buyers are coming today to walk through without the inspector, I have no idea why,  but they are so I am obligated to Clean. Which sucks. David flew off to NJ on Thursday, he and Ray met with the RE there to look at the house we're really interested in and then a few that we're not- which turned out to be a good thing because the house we liked turned out to be a major dog. But that's the way it works, doesn't it? So David has a few possibilities and then we will look at area #2. David and Ray are coming back  today so I guess I'd better get moving.

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