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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

The visit with Ray was a great stress reducer I have to say, everyone has to behave in front of company with the exception of The Hostess who insisted on sitting next to, in front of and on top of the guest at all times. Ray has been our friend for years so he knows to bolt his door tightly at all times. We're currently back to the waiting game, this contingent thing is a bit of a pain as everything is freefloating at the moment. We can't really make a definate decision until we know for sure and we won't actually know for sure until the day itself is looming above us, just like something Big and Scary out of a Stephen King movie. We're juggling multiple plots and plans and attempting to live our everyday lives at the same time. I've started a little packing - I'm boxing up the not everyday stuff at the moment, we're sorting through what we're taking and what we're not - on and on. I'm going to be cutting back on working at least one day a week, there's no way I can call and inquire about jobs and so forth during the week if I'm not here. I tried doing it from the car but around here the cell service is in and out constantly so that doesn't work out either. We heard from Adam, he's still fine and adjusting well and Jackson continues with the DEP program - I think he's getting a bit antsy as the day grows closer. I'm having trouble with my journal again - when I put pictures on it all the text disappears or the picture itself just comes up black - one more thing to add to the list I suppose.

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frankandmary said...

The Hostess sitting ON the guests?  I'd put up with that only if she was a cute puppy or kitten.