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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rolling Down The River

Well, they got the inspection report - there was nothing too terrible on it and it's not what you think either. I thought it was to make sure everything is up to code and safe - which it is, sort of , but it's also the opinion of the inspector who is working for the buyers. Hmm. Our agents were surprised they got the whole report (usually they only get a summary of what the buyer wants to negotiate) which includes such highlights as " the lightbulb in the microwave is dim", "the sink in the 2nd bathroom is out of date", "there are ashes in the fireplace" - you get the Nit-Picky idea. According to our agents we did extremely well as there were no structural problems, the moisture tests were all negative, but the potential buyers seem to think we should come down - $20,000! And no, I'm not kidding. So, we are dropping the actual price a little - not for them but our original asking price with the agency, our price with them still stands,and will wait and see what happens, that's what the RE thinks we should do and anyone that's selling a house knows the rule of thumb is to start off a little high because you can always got down to your real number. But on the upside we have the entire report so we don't need to do our own inspection and we have the rest of the summer. David took off this morning to go look at houses with Ray this weekend, he was looking foward to it after working nonstop on the house for the past 3 weeks. They'll be doing that and then will be heading back Monday or Tuesday for Ray to stay for a few days as he wants to make sure he sees Jackson before he goes in the navy. Jackson is enjoying himself, he spends his time bouncing between Becky and the Recruiters so he's been a busy bee. I'm just trying my best to survive until the weekend, I took my last couple of hours of personal time this afternoon. I had to drive David to the airport this morning so we left around 5 am, then I got back to my neck of the woods just in time to start work after driving 150 miles round trip - yee ha! I'm taking Wednesday off so I can spend some time with Ray too, we haven't seen him in ages. This per-diem stuff is already looking pretty good......

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