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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes You Can Eat Out Too Much

The "walk through" by the buyers on Sunday was a surprise for me - it was actually a "show off the house to every relative we have through" - Pearl and I were running late and they actually had to move a couple of the cars so I could get out  - every parent, aunt, sibling, etc was lined up to see the house so I'm assuming this couple is very serious. We're not dropping the price and that's alright with them so we still just have to live through the appraisal and them selling thier house. We are back to square one on the new house business for us - since the house we were so excited about turned out to be dog  we are on the hunt again, but we have "back up" houses and have started a back up plan so we're just rolling along. I am officially Per Diem and am celebrating by not going to work to spend at least one day with Ray, whoo hoo on that account. Since Ray came during the week we've been going out to dinner when I get home every night and today after going out to breakfast my stomach rebelled and that's all I'm going to say. But after the movie today we are eating in for awhile to give my poor system a rest. The house was shown AGAIN today and it's being shown again tomorrow, we having cleaning down to a science at this point. David is finishing up the odds and ends and is starting to sort and pack. I'm starting to box things up this weekend, since it will be awhile (and if this deal falls through it'll be a longer while) we're just packing up the stuff we don't use everyday of course, books not currently being read,etc.. Andy the junk guy is coming tomorrow for all the scrap left over and stuff David's getting rid of and then we'll be letting a least a bedroom suite go - if anyone wants that art deco set speak now! Ray is leaving tomorrow, it's been good having him here even if it's with work and the RE and so forth - good friends are hard to find.

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