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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can I Throw Up Now?

We are working under the Domino Effect these days - all wheels are spinning freely. I handed in my sort of resignation - my boss appreciated it to no end by the way since I'm not leaving them high and dry. I hate when people give 2 week notice when they've known for a month that they'll be leaving - you have to tell them anyhow so why not make it easier on everyone? My last day as a full time employee is the 22nd so they can offer the job to the person they already have on per-diem (as long as I occupy that position they can't offer it to anyone else), then I go per-diem so they won't be instantly short staffed. I get to keep my job so I'll have no 'splaining" to do on my resume and I get brownie points on my references for not being a mean girl. Interim has not been perfect, but looking back, I can't complain too much and there are very few jobs that are good all the time. We have someone to buy that house - sort of  - we signed on an agreement with a wipeout clause. The people that want to buy our house have to sell thiers, SO we have an agreement with a closing date in the beginning of Sept contingent that they sell thier house to buy ours. What that means is our house is still on the market but if someone comes along that wants to buy the house the first people have 48 hours to pony up the money on the agreed upon price, if they can't the next buyer gets the house. It's a good thing and a bad thing, we have someone who wants the house but if someone else comes along and offers us more money if the original buyers come up with the amount we signed for, we have to take that. But as they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  Now we have to sit through the appraisal which has me on pins and needles - what if it appraises below what we're selling it for? We are also possibly entering into the same deal with the house we've found, that we will buy that house if the people can sell thier house and then buy our house...... so I exercise a lot. I am maintaining my weight, I now weigh about 148 as that's what the doctor said I should weigh. He said between 146 and 150 is ideal for me and looked a little taken aback that I thought 135 was a good weight. Hmm. but I have to admit, that weight is much easier to keep and I'm not going up and down all the time anymore. Well, at least one thing is settled....

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