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Saturday, July 5, 2008

In The Dud Of Night

Well, the 4rth was  a rather large Flopperoo around here,it rained steady so they must've cancelled the fireworks in town (we can see them from our deck here usually). We did pretty much nothing, we got our usual Friday night pizza and stayed in for the day. It was too rainy to do anything fun and I was on call until 5 pm which makes me afraid to go more than a couple miles from the house. Past experience is all Murphy's Law, as long as I stay put the phone doesn't ring, the second I get 10 miles down the road my cell starts going crazy, so I try to make sure I have stuff to do at home. That's whyI'm really looking foward to being per-diem,no more on call weekends. They bother me a bit, but lately it's been bothering me a lot, I'm just too stressed out for it with everything that's been going on lately. David is on the home stretch house-wise, it's supposed to not rain Monday so he's planning on spending the day frantically mowing the ever growning grass. The only good thing is all the bald patches from where the septic was repaired is all grown over. I haven't taken the cover off the pool in a few days, but I will tomorrow as I have to test the water and so forth. We're going to Clarksburg today for David to go to Home Depot and I want to to go the the Nest and pick up some knitting needles and stuff as we got our Economic Stimulus Check. David seems to think we should just keep it in the bank but I have pointed out that George Bush PERSONALLY sent me money to go stimulate the economy and the last thing  I want to do is look like a bad american.

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