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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stress? What Stress?

You would think that as we move along we'd be starting to breath easier, that is not the case. The inspection did occur yesterday and even though we know better we were still expecting a full copy of the findings left on the kitchen table (even though past experience tells it's more like a few weeks). David went to Lowe's with Miss Pants and ran into to get a couple of outlet covers, since he didn't wait on line she was alone for about 10 minutes in which she A) barked  her fool head off for the entire time and B) attracted animal activists. David returned to find what he referred to as "a couple of old bats" standing by his truck and Pearl barking very hysterically. The woman waved a cell phone at him and told she was calling animal control, David asked her why and she kept saying "How would you like to sit it that truck" - David pointed out he HAD been sitting in that truck, the windows were open, she had only been left in there for 10 minutes and it was only in the 70's. She refused to let it go soDavid told her he thought she needed to get away from his truck before HE called someone since Pearl was obviously fine and maybe she needed to find something else to do. Ack! I got home around 5 and went swimming with The Abandoned One, then finished cleaning the house since the RE was due in around 7pm. The agent showed up about 6:45, I gave her a quick tour since she wasn't familar with the house( the agents appreciate it and that way when the clients show up the agents know where everything is) and then we took off with Miss Pants again. Needless to say we are getting tired, I wish it was just over and done with. Jackson is due in today, David will be picking him, I'm pretty happy he'll be home finally.

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