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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Needed That.

Yesterday was really very nice. We dropped my car off at the Honda place around 8 am, came back and did some stuff. Then we just did errands, David went to Lowes and picked up the last of the carpeting while I went to the mall, we went to Gabe's (of course!) and got a bedding set for $19, not bad. Victoria's Secret at the mall is ruined for me as all I can think is I can get ALL of that stuff for about half the price online. We did Giant Eagle and then off to Sam's Club, with Jackson not here the shopping there is much less frequent. We now only go about every 2 to 3 and just buy the stuff we use a lot of (cat food, papertowels,etc). We went out to lunch at the crappy chinese buffet which David hates more than yarn and I LOVE so every once in blue moon he bites the bullet and we get to go. I suppose I could go by myself but that would be no fun. I paddled around in the pool and called Sam's about thier health insurance plans - did you know they offer  that? I didn't. Boy did I - and the insurance agent - get knocked for a loop. Jay the agent did the numbers and with us living in WV for the same exact plan I have now- but with a limit of ONLY TWO doctors visits per person yearly, the tab is - $930 a month which is only $54 less than I'll be paying for the 3 of us on COBRA. After we move to Pa - that number falls to $466 per month for the two of us, but that's with dental and unlimited doctor's visits, can you just puke or what? Even the insurance agent was flabbergasted. The RE called last night, the inspector is going to be here on Monday so we have to ix-nay from 1pm to 5, not a problem for me as I'll be working but David might have to drop Miss Pants off at the dogsitter's even though I'm sure she would love to hostess that event. My car came back from the shop with new wires and all tuned up, as it gets older the repairs and maintenance get more frequent, but until we are out of state I have  to hang on to my little CRV as long as I can.

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mosie1944 said...

The cost of insurance is scary.  Terrifying, in fact.