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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Has Come. Again.

As you can see from the pictures, it's not raining anymore. The temp is now a balmy 19 degrees but with the bad comes the good and along route 247 it's amazing. All the trees are covered with ice from top to bottom - the pictures don't do it justice. I was out early this morning, I had a visit and got to use my PT/INR machine again -it's my new favorite toy. If you take coumadin, which is a blood thinner you have to have the blood levels drawn - and I have a machine that does the same thing but it's just a little finger stick for a drop of blood. My patients with poor veins are loving it and so am I as I get the results instantly and it requires no trip to the lab. We have started to decorate the house for Christmas, we are missing some stuff I think. David brought up the fake tree from the basement that had been left by the previous owners. He set it up and we stood back - then I asked if it was possible for a Christmas tree to have a bad hair day, because this one certainly was!! David tried bending the thingys but that only made us laugh harder and the tree look worse so it's now residing on the side of road with a "Free" sign on it, we've had no takers so far, but I'll let you know. We really wanted a real tree anyhow. David is going to take over the christmas shopping next week, I just can't do it. Work has picked up as it always does in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the patients want to be home and the doctors want them to be home and out of thier hair.

My stupid pager has been going off all day so between that and Pearline whining to go out, I'm a wee bit stressed. I did get some sleep last night, I think I was so tired there was no other option possible. David bought a used woodstove and has that set up, it's nice to have one even if it is in the basement. He had to reblack it and get new pins for the door, but all in all it worked out very nicely. He's been busy making rooms downstairs and it looks very nice. He hasn't fixed the shower in the prison bathroom and thinks I'm crazy for wanting to use it - I think since I own a prison shower I should use it at least once, don't you? And since it's in my house I don't have to worry about dropping the soap.

So there is my day - I think everyone has that sort of thing going on now. Nothing really major but you feel like you're just running all the time without a break. I do try to knit a little each night and I've gotten much better about exercising, I'm not all the way back into my routine but I'm certainly making progress. I just wish the pounds came off as fast as they went on.

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