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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hmm. A Bit Of Chill In The Air.

Pearl has spent most of the day whining gently in my ear, she wants to go out all the time. I don't mind the cold (I have a full length down coat good for up to minus 50 so quite naturally, I don't mind the cold) - I do, however, mind the wind and it was whipping big time today. And standing in a wide open field with Miss Pants frolicking about gives new meaning to Wind Chill Factor. However on the upside if you throw the rubber chicken in the direction of the wind you could probably qualify for a spot on the NFL. This morning we set out fairly early about 8:30 to beat the weekend shoppers, we had a few errands to do and some christmas shopping to do so I hit AC Moore's first just to peek around. Then off to the bookstore, Best Buy and then grocery shopping. That has gotten interesting, it seemed like we spent a lot today because we also hit Sam's Club but as David pointed out we now go to Sam's once every 4 - 6 weeks instead of weekly and the supermarket, if the bill is over $70, it's a lot these days.
I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables, since we moved I had slid right back into bad habits and hadn't been exercising at all and am well on my way to gaining it all back. That is upsetting given I've kept the weight off for a few years and as I get older it gets harder and harder to get back to ground zero. I have been good and have lost a few pounds, I know I'll go off the wagon due to the holidays but if you're dieting and exercising to begin with you won't at least, gain as much. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I did find the christmas decorations in the basement, some are a bit more worse for the wear, some seem fairly new, but I think we have enough to make it through the holidays.

I'm back to work tomorrow with the rest of hoi poloi, bastards. My back tire is no longer self deflating so that should make it a bit easier to cruise around. David had a good time with Roman and the vodka - Roman is better at it than he is and can ingest a fair bit. When David refused a 3 (or 4rth shot) because he told Roman he didn't want to drive home drunk Roman kindly offered to drink him home. David felt that since Roman had started before him that would be sort of like the pot driving the kettle back (haha). Anyhoo, my mother is still residing in Mather Hospital waiting for her INR to go up so she can go home, but she sounds fine and is using the time wisely by knitting and watching TV (she probably feels like she's in Pennsylvania.....)

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