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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brrrr! Pennsylvania is NOT called the "sunshine state" for a good reason. It should be called the "Freeze Your Butt Off" state - I am eternally glad I'll never have to use the outhouse, two seater or not. I gave it one more good sweep and then propped the door shut to keep future snow and rain out of it. I think I'd like to keep the outside as is and then do the inside. It appears to have been subjected to occasional attempts at fixing it over the years (unless that's Colonial Plywood I'm looking at!) so I can't hurt the historic value. Anyhoo, outhouses and ice aside, my car made it's weekly visit to the car shop, this time for an oil change and for another repair to the tire but the Yellow Light issue has been resolved for now. David and I did a quick trip to Honesdale which is a little town down the road from here -they have cool little stores including a health food store, a bookstore that specializes in used and out of print books, knick knacky things, a gun shop, stuff like that.
We did a little walking around and poking here and there, nothing to write home about. We hit Home Depot on the way back - I bought a big planter as I have a plant that desperately needed to be repotted. David went back in for something and came out with a cart - slightly damaged sheetrock, the entire cart for $12.03 - it was about a dozen sheets and the 'damage" was a little bend at a corner here, a little paper off there - but since it usually cost about $8 a sheet David felt he could live with it. He's currently finishing our basement in his spare time so it was, as Martha would say, A good thing. We have to go shopping tomorrow and get what gifts we're buying bought now so we can send them off. I don't think we'll be seeing Ray for awhile as he doesn't like the cold weather at all and refuses to travel in it. I called my mom today at the hospital, she's currently in Mather with DVT and isn't enjoying it at all. Hopefully she'll be back at home soon appreciating the unique knitting opportunity a blood clot can present.

David's off visiting Roman who called to tell him that they are friends and David owes him a visit so they can have a drink together. Roman is funny because 7 minutes after he initially called he called again wanting to know whair my friend Davie is, I have bean waiting and waiting. I am just sitting and he is not here(you would have to hear it with the heavy russian accent to truly appreciate the conversation) - so there is someone with less patience than me apparently. But since I haven't recieved any more calls about someone's friend Davie I'm assuming he got there and they're complaining about politics, the economy and other assorted indigities. I'm just relaxing, I'm on call all next week so I take the time when I can and we all know what channel I'm watching (can you hear the screaming??)

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