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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Is Zipping Closer

Well, my weight is finally starting to come off , with a crowbar-like slowness, but I'll take what I can get. I make myself get up and exercise every morning, even if I just have time to do a little - it's so hard to get into a routine and so easy to get out of it, isn't it? But it is paying off, I can get into my jeans and breath at the same time so I'm getting there. I'm trying to make sure the house is full of fruit and vegetables instead of Crap and Stuff - with the holidays coming up it's a little hard to stem the tide. Someone gave me a box of candy at work but it was peanut butter so I handed it off to David - I'll open the maple sugar candy at Christmas (thanks Dad!!) and horse it down then when Adam is here to help out. Adam will be arriving Monday - after going back and forth and wondering if it's too late to give him up for adoption we finally got things straightened out. He called last night around TEN PM to let me know he had leave and no way to get here. I know they don't know if they'll have leave or not until the last minute but that doesn't mean you can't at least investigate if there's a flight available or a greyhound bus with a reasonable time schedule - AARRGH is all I have to say. So his christmas present will be a plane ticket. David and I have to go out shopping tomorrow to pick up Crap and Stuff for the Sea Monkey - I may not want it but I'm sure he does. It will be a quiet visit whether he wants it to be or not, I'm working everyday but Christmas and I'm oncall christmas eve and the day after. But there's stuff to do here and the Hostess With The Mostess will be giving it her Holiday All as she hasn't had a visitor in a few weeks to entertain.
I had to do one call this morning, I meant to get out a bit earlier, but it took me quite a while to dig my car out - thank goodness I had the foresight to park near the road or I would still be digging! I got there in good time and out - I drove over to where we'd gotten our haircut the last time we lived here - and it was a takeout food joint. Hmm. So I headed for the mall - MasterCuts was double timing it so I went across the hall, that place was equally as busy. I thought I'd ask and good thing I did - her 10:00 appointment was a no show so I didn't even have to wait, we just went straight back! I love my new haircut, she did a great job and yes I can say that without being a show off. Due to my thin hair I've been subjected to a variety of bad haircuts so believe me, I can tell when I got a good one. I did a little bit of shopping but by then it was heading towards noon and the place was getting packed , so I headed home

David and I will go early tomorrow and finish up once and for all. Pearl has been out several hundred times, the snow never seems to lose it's appeal to her. I left a message for Jackson, we haven't heard from him in a week or so, he's been pretty busy and so have we. I have his christmas stuff here waiting for him, I hope he gets home before he ships out. I ordered a new set of knitting needles for me - good thing they're in stock or Pearl would have to die a VERY painful death. I was cabling the other night and put one needle down on the arm of the couch at the exact time Miss Pants decided to chase the cat and she - I don't even know if I can relive this-

jumped right on the needle and snapped it in half! And yes it was one of my new Harmony Wood needles from Knitpicks - I could have torn her heart right out, but that would have been over reacting I suppose. So I just yelled at her and she went and hid under the bed for a few minutes while I re-ordered. And then since I was online I ordered a couple of skeins of yarn, a couple of books and reserved one pair of knitting needles are costing about $80...Happy Holidays!

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