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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow. Again. Whoopee.

It's snowing again this morning, so Pearl and I were out early this morning trying to keep up on the shoveling. Well, I was keeping up with the shoveling, Pearl was just twirling and fetching her toy - being her usual Arctic Pest self. But we have to finish the shopping today, I have absolutely no other time to do it and Adam is due in tomorrow afternoon. We decided to bite the bullet and fly him in, it's more expensive than we had anticipated, but there are times when there's nothing else you can do. I'm taking a break from exercising this morning, I think I overdid it yesterday - betweem that and all the shoveling I do these days I am aching.
I spoke to Jackson last night, his leave date has been delayed and I feel bad about that, had I known he was going to be there past that date I would have sent him something. He has a pretty bad cold and just about everyone has left for the holidays except those that had to stay - your first time away from home for the holidays is rough on everyone. I'm sure they must do something for them for Christmas, I hope so at least.

I'm looking at out the french doors - hmm. I guess I'd better go check the weather report to see how bad this is going to get.

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