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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, I finally finished the back of the sweater I'm knitting on Try Number Two, far more sucessful than Try Number One. Adam has been here for a couple of days, the day he flew in the weather was uber-crappy so they kept delaying his flight from Philly. He was supposed to get here around 2:30 and didn't arrive until 7 pm. That worked out well because I didn't get home until almost 6 due to the fact we are down a nurse at work and they keep dividing her patients amongst the staff so we are running all day. David went to get him and I had dinner ready when they got here so all was well. It's been a very quiet visit for Adam, I'm either working or on call and when I'm not I'm too tired to do anything. We're so short at work I leave here most days around 7:15, I eat lunch driving and am lucky to be home by 5:30. But it's nice to have him here and since we don't see him that often I dont' feel bad about holding him hostage.
Christmas Eve was another runner, I was actually making good time until the last visit and then got bolluxed up. They let us go home early - it had rained and froze which made the secondary roads a delight. I had someone following me closely - in a mercedes no less!! - when I braked for the stop sign I noticed she could not - and was sitting sideways by the time she did. Given the fact you could see the entire road was a sheet of ice I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her. I got home by 3:30, called my patients for Friday and then turned on my beeper. I thought I'd dodged that bullet but it went off at 9:45 - arrgh. The patient got a nurse a little step above pajamas, but not much. But it was a dressing that couldn't wait and I think they felt worse about it than I did, I came back home at midnight, just in time for Christmas

Adam's gift was the plane ticket home but I did get him a copy of 10,000 BC which is a family joke, I also sent Jackson a copy. David hadn't wanted anything and he bought me a little heater which is what I asked for. We haven't really exchanged presents on Christmas in years, we usually just do little things and a couple of weeks after we spend a day shopping and getting what we want. It saves on returning things and we spend a day together and go out to lunch and stuff, just the two of us (when the kids were home we would wait until they were back in school). Adam bought me The Venture Brothers second season so we sat and watched that most of the day while shoving our gobs full of candy and doughnuts.

We're making Christmas dinner at home, around here the whole town shuts down for Christmas so we no longer do the restaurant thing. The last time we did it ended up being a sad affair in a dreary diner - it's more fun to do it at home. Adam is having a good time I think and we are planning an overnight stay at my Mom's - it will be a super quick run through but it will be fun and she's inviting David's parents so we'll get to see them too. After that it's back to the salt mines, I'm still on the fence as to what I'll be doing employment wise in the coming year. I've been loyal to Interim Home Health Care for almost 4 years now, but the office here is so higgledy-piggedly it's hard to work there. I was asked the other day why I hadn't filled in a space in the paperwork and I told manager #1 because I had been told we are not to do that. Then the next day I was asked again why I hadn't filled it out by manager #2 and I told her because YOU told me not to do that. And so it goes. But I got Christmas off so I can't complain( too much), Merry Christmas everyone 1

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