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Friday, December 12, 2008

Soaked To The Skin

All of my coats are draped over various pieces of furniture - the rain continues, on and on with no end in sight. You could just sink down to China in the yard it's so soft and squishy, I feel like I'm playing Giant Step all the time when I walk Pearl in an attempt to avoid puddles and mud slicks. We heard from Jackson last night, he has finally gotten his orders and will be shipping out to San Diego California in the beginning of January - he's been having a little bit of trouble finishing up in A school so hopefully we'll get to see him before he goes. Of course him calling at 11 last night didn't help my insomnia, I just can't seem to sleep through the night anymore. This was not helped by Vincent visiting - if he was quiet it would be one thing but he insists on purring quite loudly and parading around the bed, taking over where our Mr. Lee left off. THEN we got up around 6 am - so we thought - the electric must've gone out at some point during the night so I'm not sure what time it was, just that we had been up for quite awhile before we realized it wasn't even 5 am. Arrgh. I'm on call all weekend and it looks like I'll be running the entire time, but the extra money will come in handy this time of year. I'm hoping to get some stuff done with the decorating end of it and will at least get the christmas cards out. David has been busy with the basement renovation, he has used up all that discounted sheetrock from Home Depot which he's still gloating about and has been happily rewiring the whole shabang. We haven't heard anything from Adam as to whether he's coming home or not, I guess that will just be a big surprise to us all.

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