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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Longest Day Of The Year.

We woke up to a grand tempeture of one. And that was without factoring the wind chill factor. It was a bit frosty for our morning constitutional but Pearl is never one to shy away from a challenge, is she? But the time I chiseled out my car it was a balmy seven, not quite shorts weather but a bit closer. I left a little after 7 am to get a jump on the day. My first patient did not answer the door or the phone, so much for jumping. I went back to the office and found we were down a nurse which meant we were up some patients. I got my marching orders and back out I went. The whole day is a blur as the patient made an appearance later in the day and all of my people were here and there so instead of heading back home at 4:30, I was still sitting on the highway at 5 pm.
During this time I was playing phone tag with number one son who was bravely trying to get out here. His plane got held up in Philly and after the second delay he told David to go home. David did go home and of course, the plane then took off. Good thing the airport is only 40 miles from here so it's not much of a jaunt. David would've preferred the daytime though as there's a lot of truck activity around here at night and it's been snowing and blowing of course.

Adam just got here, he looks great so I wont' be too much longer. Jackson called at the same time, he's still sick and the rest of his mod has gone home for the holidays so I think he's feeling a bit down. He'll be home later on in the month so it's not forever, but what a way to spend your first Christmas away from home. Pearl is over joyed at the prospect of a Guest ("hostage") to entertain and convince to take her outside, whoo hoo. Vincent went bolting but I'm sure he'll be back.

Oh well, I guess I'd better go finish my paperwork and socializing with The House Monkey - I am glad he's home but I wish Jackson could be here too.

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