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Monday, December 1, 2008

Quick! Get The Ark!

Yesterday, we got that delightful weather where it rains, then freezes turning your entire enviroment into a Winter Wonderland. That is until you take one step and go winging into the underbrush. David and I had started heading out but decided to head back and shop a little closer to home. We got the Sunday paper but it had no funnies, no employement section (yes I am fully aware I am employed, but the day they post my dream job - "Wanted, middle aged woman needed to lay around and knit while watching horror movies, starting salary $50,000, full benefits and 6 weeks paid vacation to the Bahamas" - I don't want to miss it., and stupidly enough full of Black Friday coupons that were super good and super expired - I wonder who the braniac is that though to do that.
It went back to raining so we got a few groceries and headed home. The trucks were out most of the night thank goodness as I had to leave a little after 7 am. My patients were the usual Monday batch, nothing new, nothing new. During that time it started sprinkling and now we're back to full out rain for the night I suppose. I keep seeing Christmas decorations in the store (although I've been seeing Christmas decorations in the store since August) but I don't know how much decorating I'm doing this year. It's most likely just me and David and Pearl the Destroyer and I'm not sure how many ornaments is safe for her to ingest. I continue to work on my sweater, it's all one color this time around which is a fun thing.
I'm oncall tomorrow night, I was oncall tonight but traded with one of the other nurses as her son has a basketball game - but that's alright as I got home early due to the fact I started early this morning and my last patient was near my house. I doubt that will ever happen again.

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