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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Forecast: Snowrainsleetsunwindcoldwarm

The wind picked back up again last night, but so did the temp so we now have driving rain. Lovely. Pearl is harrassing me to go out (I don't think so) Vincent was harrassing everyone to let him back in - typical morning around here. The Two AM Girl has been visiting me quite often these days, there's not much going on so it gives me plenty of time to stress out about this and that. I know I should try to find something to do, in WV I had my yard, my pool, the walking trails, a few friends but here I have none of that and winter is not the time to do it. I'm on call all weekend so that should give me something to do. A lot of this is just transistional, I know that we've had a lot of changes in the past 6 months and it will probably take that long - if not a little longer - to figure out what we want to do.
I don't know if staying in WV would have been the answer, like anything else in hindsight you tend to forget the bad and overstate the good but I don't know if here is the right place for me. Of course after the last move I don't think I want to repeat that experience again! My stomach just goes in a knot thinking about it. ARRGH! So I will be sitting back for a while, eating tofu and rice and mulling over my life in general. In other news I haven't gotten any further with the christmas shopping, I'll just muddle around a bit more and then everyone will get gift certificates. I still haven't gotten any decorations up, we have a neighbor down the road that puts everyone to shame - from the lighted candy canes lining BOTH sides of the driveway to the Santa and Sleigh, plus outlining his entire house in lights we are in sorry shape indeed. But there's always one in every neighborhood, isn't there?

I'm making wonderful progress on my sweater this time around, the sleeve binding is right, the cables are uniform and since I weeded through the yard it's entirely one shade of green. Sometimes you can fix that - I made a lavender sweater that happened with but the off color was right near the bottom so it had Subtle Striping throughout - I just added the striping as I went along and it ended up looking like I meant to do that. I work on it a little each night and then after that I will be trying to use up my stash, setting the world record for knitting I suppose. Maybe I can make a House cozy......

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