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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Two

 This immobilizer is a pain in the neck.  I can actually walk fairly well in it - once you get the hang of walking without bending your foot it's a bit awkward but do-able. The pain part is A) answering WHY I'm wearing it, it's not like I can say I have a bad sprain or something. It's severe plantar facscitis and that leads into yet another conversation as most people don't know what that is. The other issue is I can't walk that far but that's not a big deal, I couldn't walk that far before. We went shopping today but all of my grand plans were scaled down - I was going to the mall, two bookstores, the yarn store, the Asian grocery, Wegmans and BJ's. My foot can only do so much so it was the Asian grocery, one bookstore and Wegmans. The Asian grocery was hilarious, we usually go early so it's in and out - we got a late start so the very small parking lot was overly full - they were parked out front, on the sidewalk, behind us.... while we were trying to get out there were two people trying to get in - the person next to us for some reason decided to do a 3 point turn in a perilously tight area, we just sat tight til she was done (it was actually like a 16 point turn and the whole thing was silly, if she'd just backed out it would have been a 2 second operation) and then we skedaddled. That store is a small affair on a side street but it gets seriously packed, I've been in there when the line extends halfway through the store. The reason being of course the food is great and the prices are better. I pay about $3 for 12 oz of tofu in the supermarket and there for fresh tofu it's a $1 a pound. Specialty rice is about the same as opposed to a much higher price in the regular store.  But back to the immobilizer - so far, so good. My food still hurts but not as badly and I can a walk without a lot of pain. When I got up this morning for the first time in months it was not an ordeal, so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Sinéad said...

I'm glad your foot is improving, I hope it finally clears up soon. Wow, that Asian store is popular! I love my local one, their prices really are great, especially for vegetables and rice.