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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Results Are In.

 I waited until today to call about my MRI results - what I wanted to hear was to stay off of it for awhile and come back in a month. What I actually heard was internal edema, especially along the lateral aspect of the ankle, severe inflammation of the tendon and surrounding area, large amount of scar tissue, possible tearing........have you heard enough? I have.  The first thing we're doing is blood work to rule out RA, Lymes, etc... as according to the podiatrist after all I've done my foot should not look this bad and we need to look in other directions. I am just tired of it hurting, keeping it up, not doing anything. If they do surgery the way I'm going they'll have to do a combination tendon release and gastric bypass. I can't hike, my exercise is extremely limited and I can only do so much before it gets very painful. I get bored, I eat. I got on the scale finally yesterday and was very alarmed at my weight - I've never weighed this much! So I've stopped eating junk food - I stocked up on fruit and low fat cheese, no sugar hot chocolate and am planning my meals much more carefully. Since I no longer work every weekend or late into the night I have to admit - to myself - I no longer have the excuse of no time to make a real meal. And of course since I'm eating healthier, David's starting to eat a little better too, it's so easy to slide into the Cereal and Junk Food Mode, isn't it? I make both of our lunches every day and am slowly getting it under control. The weather isn't helping either, it's just cold now with intermittent snowstorms. I finally figured out how to plug up the laundry sink downstairs for emergency water - it holds enough to flush the toilets and stuff if the electric goes out and I can just drain it when the weather gets warm. The driveway is a mess and David is regretting being a Cheapie Pants and not having it plowed - if it snows again we ARE getting it plowed as at some point the gas truck will have to get up the hill to give us a refill. And if it even looks questionable they won't come up - at this point you have to take a running start to get up it. I will be glad when this winter is over, it's only fun if you can play in the yard, not if you're stuck on the couch.

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