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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WIP - A Disaster In Progress

I have restarted the Shipwreck shawl and am making a proper mess of it so far. You would think I would have marked somewhere the row I left off. But that would make too much sense, wouldn't it? It would be like where I fixed the pattern for sock #1 which I started back in MARCH and didn't bother to write that down either since I was certain I would remember. So I saw I'd left row 7 on the counter, found my place on the Bleeding Heart pattern and began - I was sure I was on the 2nd set. Midway through I realized the stitch markers were only 10 apart and the pattern called for a 12 stitch repeat. Curious. So I fixed it on row 8, very proud at my ability to fix it and as I started row 9 I discovered that pattern only had 144 stitches per row and I had counted 290. Curious. That would be when I figured out I must have completed the Bleeding Heart and moved on to the Madeira pattern which has......a 10 stitch repeat. Mystery solved. So I will have two rows of Bleeding Heart smack dab in the middle but am intending to pass it off as something I meant to do - Artistic License instead of Glaring Mistake. It's a plan, go with it.  And I still have the last half of the socks to finish - they're parked up on the bookshelf  emitting accusing looks  on me daily - The Socks Of Guilt.  I secretly hate them and would throw them out but I've already knitted one and a half so I will soldier on - and hope I meet someone with one big heel. David and Jackson will be heading back here tomorrow morning - I would have liked them back a day earlier but Jackson's time is limited and David hasn't seen his parents in a couple of years, so what's a day? I actually had a fun day just messing around by myself - coffee, couch, knitting needles and TV, what more can a girl ask?. I did have a bit of a scramble this morning, not only can't I remember what row I'm on but I can't remember that Tuesday is Garbage Day. Tuesday has been Garbage Day since we moved here over a year ago, yet every week finds both David or I flying out the door  like Jesus is making a Special Guest Star Appearance  at  the bottom of the driveway ( of course if that happened I would have been wrong all these years, wouldn't I?) The other thing I've been having great fun with is my Kobe ereader I got from Borders for Christmas - I LOVE that thing! I've figured out how to download books and of course the first one I downloaded was P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, one of the world's greatest books.  Adam is expected tomorrow night and once he's here I can stop worrying. Until they have to go back.

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Sinéad said...

Ooh Shipwreck Shawl. I saw one of these in person over the Christmas break, it's a gorgeous pattern. I had to laugh at your Bleeding Heart stole story, it's exactly what I'd do too. I don't believe in ripping back, I call mistakes like that "adding to the originality" of my knitting. :)