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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Winter Is Just Dragging

Did you ever notice how much more you get done when no one else is home? David worked Saturday and today and I've gotten the laundry done, the bathroom cleaned, mopped the floors, kitchen's cleaned, counters are cleared - and now I 'm sitting with my foot up since it's being a bit of a screamer today.  I cleaned the some cabinets,  fridge and freezer  out too - it was completely higgle piggle and I had no idea what food  I had to eat. I discovered I have enough kidney, aduki and white beans to withstand a nuclear winter, the eggs were only usable for attempted murder and sadly, the portabella mushroom remains uneaten. I'm working my way up to it, but am deciding whether I should just hide it outside and hope some mushroom loving animal eats it OR leave it in the vegetable bin until a strange smell emits and it liquifies like it did the last time I insisted on buying two. If I put it outside I have to hide it or David yells because he says the bears will come hang around the house again or the deer will be pesky and I'll be chasing them. So I guess I'll go with the pretending not to see it.  I had my blood drawn Saturday -  the tech was grumpy at first since she had to draw a lot, but took one look at my anti cubital and brightened right up. She laughed and told me I'd made her whole day, then proceeded to be quite chatty. Everyone has their pluses and minuses, my plus is I have the veins of a god. They're huge, don't move, don't infiltrate and  barely need a tourniquet. I've been practiced on by my co-workers and new nurses - they never disappoint and of course, I am a little ray of sunshine to phlebotomists everywhere as you can pretty much hit the target without even trying and have a decent conversation while you're at it.  She had all the blood she needed and I was back home by ten. Hopefully there will be some resolution by this week, as you all know I am VERY tired of all  of this .

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Sinéad said...

Hoping you get some answers soon. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting!