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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sound Of Silence

 We've been rocking for the past few weeks, haven't we? Tommy and the girls, Mom and Fred, Janet and Diane, Adam and Jackson. The guest room has been getting quite a workout, one gets out, the next gets in. So tonight it's quiet - back to work, back to real life. Adam left this morning early early - his bus left at 5:45 am but that means he'll be hitting Norfolk at a not too late time so that works out for him. He's got another day to noodle around before he goes back to work. He did make it to NYC despite the snow and his mother wanting to kill him. For anyone thinking I was over reacting please note the initial plan was to just show up in NYC during a predicted snowstorm and see what happens - I have told them if they don't tell me I can't object but that doesn't seem to sink in. We had fun the last couple of days Adam was here - we took an exploring ride to NJ, a nice place to visit if you'd like to sink into a coma. It was so BORING, the mall we'd put into the GPS was a strip mall and it wasn't even mildly interesting. So we headed back and had a nice dinner at Perkins, then home to watch all the movies we'd rented. We saw Will Farrell's Land Of The Lost, Dinner for Schmucks and Scott Pilgrim which both of the boys insist I watch as they knew I'll like it. I liked it the same amount watching it with Adam as I did with Jackson and will leave it at that. Sunday was just putzing and then out to my favorite china buffet. Adam was off at 4:45 this morning as you have to be there half an hour before the bus is. Back to work which was busy just trying to catch up - the  next two weeks will be busy for both David and I - me just in general and David has gotten a new job working in a local community. He now only has a 20 minute to drive as opposed to almost an hour and a half so he's a happy camper. However, he still has to finish up the job he has so he'll be working 12 days straight. I continue to work on the Shipwreck Shawl, I'm at the This Will Not End part of the knitting.

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