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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Ate A Mushroom! And I Meant To!

 I am not posting a picture of snow - if you need to see it, look out your own stinkin' window. It will pretty much look like our snow, give or take a few inches depending on where you are.  We got out around noon - not because we were snowed in, but because we are being slug-people and not moving too quickly. We wanted to get Adam's return ticket and were told that we would have to do it at the bus station, it could not be over the phone or online.  So, off we trundled off as it's only a few miles. Greyhound enjoys employing people that speak the language well enough to bug the shit out of you, but not well enough that anything can done easily - David was not entirely sure she could even read English the way she was peering at the screen. So after explaining 14 times what he needs she then tells him that the ticket can only be paid in cash. This would have been nice if she had said that when we called earlier, but they do have an ATM at  the station. That is not working. So we go a little down to the gas station who's ATM is so ancient it actually has a thing you swipe your card down the side. And it doesn't work. I am getting a little paranoid. We go across the street, finally get cash, get the ticket and an hour later are back on the road.  We did a little shopping and bought a few things, including Portabella mushroom caps. I do hate mushrooms but years ago I had a Portabella burger at Pocono Brewing Company and they stopped making them - and no one on the staff remembered how to make them.  So every once in awhile I'll buy the mushrooms and attempt to make them by marinating them in various concoctions. This one was not too bad - but it is a squishy and weird thing and I was a little nauseous while I was eating it. Mushrooms have this strange rubbery thing going on, bouncy and wet, sort of reptilian I suppose.  The texture of the burger the restaurant made was dryer, firmer - and I know part of  the marinade was balsamic vinegar with some Worcestershire sauce, but the rest escapes me. I'll give it another go with the other one later in the week. Adam should be here tomorrow night or Friday morning, his plans got a bit delayed due to getting snowed in on LI.  I guess that's what happens when you travel in winter. It's been nice to have  some downtime - I'm scheduled for an MRI on Friday morning which I'm not looking forward to, but since it's just my foot I'm guessing I won't have to get in the all the way. Because I can't as I'm very claustrophobic. To the point I will be cremated as I can't even think about being buried, dead or alive. Enough of that. I'm done with the Madeira Pattern of the Shipwreck shawl, I move on to the last section and then it's on to the new project after I force myself to finish the Socks Of Guilt which are, as I write, sitting up on the bookshelf being all martyred and stuff. Bastards.

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