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Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Bye To You

Jackson left yesterday with little fanfare. He and Adam had revisited the local bar but it was much more low key the second time around. One of the reasons Jackson wanted to go was to have a drink with his friend Josh who turned 21 that night, the other reason was their cousin Big Bobby. There are a lot of Bobbies on the Lester side, there's Bob (David's father), Big Bobby, Little Bobby and a very little Bobby who is only 5 or 6. But they like Big Bobby the best, you would have to meet him - and then you would like him best too, calling him a character is an understatement. Jackson had a good time, he was a wee bit disappointed about not being able to get to NYC but overall, he did and saw everything he wanted to and that's what's important. Adam will be staying on LI for a few more days to get some time in to see people, I came back because A) I have a very hard time remembering Adam is not 6 years old and can indeed navigate around without my help which leads to a lot of Eye Rolling and Sighing on his part and B) I need a little vacation from my vacation. I need a day to lay around and sleep, then I will get back to my break. Adam is trying to plan a trip into NYC which is where we were having our disagreement - with the possible snowstorm coming I think staying overnight in NYC is not a good idea right now, getting stranded in NYC in 80 degree weather is uncomfortable, getting stuck there in 10 degree weather is dangerous. Oh well, it's not my business. I made very good time getting back - under 3 hours and was missed by The Hostess and Vincent The Indoor Cat Until May. Or So. David didn't hop around as much but he was glad to see me too.

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