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Saturday, January 8, 2011

On The Road Again

We've been having a good visit with the boys - Jackson and David came back from LI on Wednesday morning, Adam's bus arrived at 8pm as scheduled. On Thursday I did a big turkey dinner just for them with all the trimmings - biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes. We ate like there was no tomorrow, but of course there was.  I had a doctor's appt first thing - this foot just drags on (no pun intended!) and I am now scheduled for possible surgery since we've run out of options. The surgery would be fairly minor - a tendon release but not something I look forward to. After I came home I took them to the Lehigh Valley mall which is a much bigger and much nicer place to shop. I did a little shopping myself and was waylaid by a hand cream salesman who grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go - we all know how good I am with unauthorized touching. I was a bit freaked out for the rest of the day but survived. David put the turkey in the oven while were up there so we wouldn't have to rush so it was fun. We took off for LI yesterday morning around 10 with the snow showering around us, it got thick at time but nothing unmanageable and we made it here it under 5 hours despite fender benders and slick roads. The boys went to Bubs - that's a local bar that all the kids hang out in, Adam was joking he'd be seeing his graduating class later on.  Mom and I picked them up around 6:30 to  go out to dinner - we did an Asian fusion place which was nice, then dumped them back at the bar around 8. They must've come home around 2 am - Jackson was having a little barf fest, apparently sushi and beer are not a good combination. He will survive. He leaves tomorrow morning and  Adam will be staying for a few more days as he has a longer leave then his brother and not so far to travel. He's here til the 19th so hopefully he'll get to  see some of his friends and all of his relatives.

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