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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I was laughing with an aide the other day - years ago when we were kids we used to figure out how old we would be in the year 2000. I figured out I would be THIRTYNINE - as close to dust as you could get! I would be almost  FORTY, most likely dead since that was a very advanced age. I am now on the verge of 50 and still this side of the ground, who would have guessed. With it being New Year Day it's of course very easy to get smarmy and nostalgic, isn't it? To make a boat load of Heartfelt Resolutions that will be forgotten by week's end.  But resolutions do have a purpose - they make you feel super guilty and give it another go. I received a Victoria's Secret catalog and a Weight Watchers coupon on the same day in the mail - if that's not a cosmic kick in the pants, I don't know what is. So I will resolve to lose weight, I just need to find a fun diet to do it with. I've done WW, South Beach and that one where you eat nothing but protein - Atkins?? - I just remember it doesn't work too well for vegetarians as there is only so much cheese, eggs and tofu dishes one person can eat. My other resolution is to sit on the couch and knit - it works for me. Jackson has arrived in one piece despite all the dangers that lurk out there - according to David I think I'm the only person that can do anything without something happening and feel the rest of the world needs my guidance. So I resolved  I would NOT call Jackson repeatedly offering travel advice and making him call me every step of the trip.  He called me from the airport before his plane took off - at 1 am and after sitting in bar with a Canadian he'd met while waiting for his plane - serves me  right, doesn't it? I picked him up from Longhorn Steak house where he was cheerfully bolting down a burger and beer with his Aunts - they had picked him up from the airport and drove him halfway. New Year's passed quietly, Jackson was exhausted from the red eye so he pretty much slept the night away.  I managed to plan his vacation to his satisfaction - it's difficult to make sure everyone sees him and he sees everyone he wants to see in such a little time frame. He kept saying it was so strange to see everyone after being away for two years - and it is. Adam will be arriving midweek - that will be strange as it will be the first time in FIVE years we will all be in the same room at the same time. We went through a long period where we didn't see Adam because he had been stationed overseas, now that he's stationed in Norfolk we can see him a few times a year at least - but now Jackson is living across the country so we are in the same boat with him! Oh well, I'll enjoy what I get and not worry about the rest - Happy New Year everyone!

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