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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Calm After The Storm

David is still cleaning up the mess left from the snowstorm we had during the week. We lost a big tree behind the house (about 20,25 feet) so he's been sawing it up all week. As soon as it dries out around here, we're having a bonfire! and I can't wait. Everyone has them all the time, you're allowed to burn everything with the exception of spouses and couches. And they've really cracked down on the couch burning, all of the college students were paying thier fines this week so they were being peevishly broadcasted on the local news since a large number of them feel that being unable to torch thier sofas is a civil rights violation. ANYHOW, I had a midterm exam this week, no, I don't know how I did and refuse to even guess at it. Since it's a certification course the only grade that matters is the one I get on the certification test so this was more of a test run than anything else. I've been doing my usual amount of driving but now discovering more back roads and I can pretty much navigate around without ever seeing a major highway most of the day. The one thing I really love about all the back country roads this time of year is the leaves, I'm trying to enjoy them while I can. David is busy plugging away at his new room he's building and is starting to look at jobs. Since they're such a pain in the ass about testing not to mention finding any help around here, his new tact is to only do small jobs and his ad has gotten a fairly good response so maybe that's the way to go for now.

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