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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let It Snow??

This is what greeted me this morning - snow. And not just a light freakish dusting, snow SNOW - at times blizzardy sort of stuff. School was delayed 2 hours, and then completely cancelled. Of course it had rained for two days beforehand and it was a wet snow so it caused plenty of damage. We didn't lose power - thank goodness, but most of Morgantown did last night so a lot of people were late to work this morning and pretty chilly. Of course, being a visit nurse made my day interesting. On my way to the lab from the 1st job I saw the cars stopping in pairs on both sides of the roads, it looked like friends stopping  when they see each other driving by. But it was one side of the road telling the other to turn around because there were live wires on the road and to follow them to route 68. I told the two cars next and they told the ones after that, it's an interesting system that works around here.  They closed route 7 down for the whole day due to downed power lines and trees so I ended up taking Snake Hill Road out to Masontown (pictures 5 - 8 ) - it wasn't too bad if you went slow. The trees were so heavy with snow they were bent down enough to brush the top of my car in some spots, it was so pretty though! The trees are still yellow and red and covered with snow they looked amazing.  I managed to get out to all my patients, the last one said "I didn't think you were coming, but I'm really glad you're here!" I was glad I made it too.

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rootbeerses said...

I love Snow..  someone said we could have flurries here in central MD tonight..     I get  as excited for snowdays as my kids.  (of course,  I'm not out there shoveling it either..  )

Stay safe and enjoy