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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Road Trip

I went to a wound care seminar yesterday in Johnstown, Pa. My co-worker was going too so we rode together - I drove - 115 miles to where they were holding it. I at least had a little heads up on the fact we were signed up for it, Melissa wasn't told until Monday so she was a bit not too enthusiastic, especially given the 230 mile round trip.We were also offered a hotel room due to the distance but no one was too interested in spending the night in Johnstown, Pa The Hot Spot Of Pennsylvania, Home Of The Strip Malls And Fast Food Restaurants Every Two Feet as tempting as that is.  Since we live down the road from one of the largest teaching hospitals who must have seminars all the time, it didn't make too much sense, but we got paid for the day and I get milage so whatever. We met at Sheetz at 5:45am and arrived a bit after 8 - which would have been perfect had our boss given us the right address. She did not. The hospital was hosting it, but the actual seminar was being held at the local college 20 minutes away, 30 if you didn't know where you were going. My GPS decided to fritz out but we had good directions so we made it there by 9am and I don't think we missed much. We got out a bit early which was good but I didn't get to take any pictures of the fall leaves because my camera had dead batteries. And then when we got back to town I-79 was back up - both sides as there had been multiple accidents so we had to take the scenic route to Melissa's car - it just wasn't my day.


shelt28 said...

Very Pretty!


cw2smom said...

Pretty, pretty country!  Lisa

mosie1944 said...

That's a lot like my Missouri scenery right now.