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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hail To The Doritos!

That's not really a giant dorito chip in his hand, I think it's a tri-corner hat. That's a very strange statue which is on top of the court building in Waynesburg, painted silver since it's obviously not quite tacky enough for some people. I think the next things I'll be taking pictures of are the local bars around here which can be a bit odd, to say the least. I might try to get a picture of the Hunting Club in Masontown which is pretty hysterical. I thought it was abandoned until I saw all the guys in camo. I've been having a hard time getting through my jobs with all the autumn leaves to distract me, not to mention almost getting bonked down the mountain by a logging truck who didn't see me parked on the edge of the drop off. A little inadvertant Thelma and Louise action I suppose. They're also doing alot of road work so you sit and wait, I wish they would get another Stop/Slow sign guy out in Holbrook - the one they have now is super disgusting. He spits. A lot. I was the 2nd car back the other day so I got quite the view of Mr. Yicky hawking loogies every 3 seconds. After about 5 minutes I felt like hopping and out and yelling DO YOU HAVE SOME SORT BRAIN DISORDER THAT MAKES YOU DO THAT?? but I refrained as he didn't look overly friendly either. Oh well, at least thier fixing the roads this year, last year they didn't have any money in the state budget so all they could afford was a bunch of guys to stare at the road. Now we can afford guys that can stare and spit, whoo hoo living large!

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