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Monday, October 31, 2005


They're closing the Sam's Club here in Fairmont and moving to Clarksburg, so David and I went yesterday since it's closer for us.. The building was partway emptied out and they were selling thier display items, one of which we'd been looking at before, but at $600 was too much for our budget. Well, there sat the entertainment center - for $100!! It was a bit nicked here and there, but a $500 reduction,who cares? So, what's everyone doing for Halloween? Jackson is going over Becky's house, his costume involves his suit and sunglasses, I forget what he told me. David will be handing out candy and laying in wait for that rotten little girl that took our money for cookies for the Katrina Relief Fund and never brought them. David said if he sees her he's going to snatch her candy bag and he'll be even. Only kidding, but I'm sure he'll say something to her. That'll teach us for paying upfront. I got another 'warning email" this morning, as everyone knows I HATE them. This one was that tells you Swiffer WetJet has a chemical similar to antifreeze in it and causes liver failure in pets. DOES ANYONE READ THIS CRAP BEFORE THEY SEND IT OUT?? Why on earth would a company sell a product that kills pets? And do people REALLY think there's a bunch of dead pets laying all over the US and no one's noticed? This website  is the best, you go there, type in what the email is about in search and it'll come back with the current circulating email and tell you if it's true and when it started. And for the record - there is NO antifreeze in Swiffer Wetjet, why would there be???

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