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Sunday, October 2, 2005

It's Not All Buckwheat And Roses

Today was the last day of the 61rst Buckwheat Festival in Kingwood, WV - better late than never I suppose. I didn't realize it was that time of year and we missed the parade, and the judging and Jessica Lynch, but we managed to make it for the last buckwheat pancake dinners.  They charge you $6 a head but it's all you can eat. The trick of it is - all you CAN eat is about two buckwheat pancakes and maybe a couple sausage patties(David of course got double sausage, one of the advantages of dining with a vegetarian) - after that you would either explode or drop through the floor from sheer weight. I also discovered that the Beehive Hairdo is alive and well in Kingwood,WV. We went to the arts and crafts and the blue ribbon hall, then headed out home, stopping in Arthurdale where Eleanor Roosevelt stopped through about a million years ago and they've never gotten over it. They take thier celebraties seriously around here. Don Knotts has his own boulavard as does Mary Lou Retton, this year was the first one that Don didn't come out for the annual Don Knotts Festival as he wasn't feeling up to snuff. The weather is having a hard time deciding what it would like to be. This morning we were discussing getting out the winter clothes, by noon we were in shorts. David bought us a  bedroom set from Bubba's Garage the other day, it's pretty nifty and was only $230. We've also been busy bees getting ready for the Homecoming Dance, I had Jackson trying on dress shoes to go with the suit and made him put on a size 13 1/2. He said "What do you think I have, clown feet?!". I told him if the shoe fits.....

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