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Monday, October 17, 2005

Man Bites Dog

Copper is still neurotic about his feet, therefore we play with them whenever the opportunity presents itself. He gets all wierd and paranoid and that just encourages everyone,doesn't it? David's done with the living room, he painted it with the grey paint we picked up at a sidewalk sale ($3 for 5 gallons) to prime it and we liked the color so much we're leaving it. The french doors are a huge improvement, the windows on the house are north and south instead of east and west so it makes the house dark. We're painting the dining room a cream color because that room is REALLY dark and not helped at all by the Brady Bunch style dark paneling. David's started ripping apart the hot tub room off the kitchen next, the next set of french doors will go there, the old tub is OUT and the new tub will be in. He's taking out all the big windows as it's all rotted out around them from them being improperly installed. He found a very large wasp's nest - there are no wasps in it - it was probably there before they closed in the porch. If anyone wants it, let me know. His next project is the church - they've hired him to start renovation which will work out nicely for us - it's pretty close and he can still work on the house. Church this week was a big meeting, we are now in committees as the sudden resignation of our church leader has really left us floundering. No one still knows why they resigned, both the leader and her husband are refusing to talk to any church members, so perhaps we'll never know. I appear to be permenently in charge of the coffee since I signed up for it twice. David's volunteered for the yardwork and I'll be doing Growth and Membership (there are only 3 people in my committee but that's better than the last time when there was 1).(the 1 would be me.)

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