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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Under Construction

David has been busy for the past week remodeling the livingroom, he bought the french doors from the pawn shop believe it or not. They were in perfect condition and David recognized the brand - new they would be over a thousand dollars apiece. He got two sets for $300 and will install the other set at a later date. They're great heavy doors and came with a screen which has already been Cat Tested much to David's annoyance. We're trying to decide what color to paint the livingroom now, we're leaning towards a cream yellow sort of color or a brick red. I'm trying to convince him to do the dining room now too, that will definately be a lighter color due to lack of windows. He also moved the deck to outside the french doors beside the pool which we're covering with a tarp this weekend as it has become very G-ross. We thought the chemicals we put in it would keep it from turning green but they did not. We either did something wrong or because we've left it uncovered the sun probably evaporated all the chemicals. But we're pulling out the liner in the spring - we're just leaving the water in to keep it from collapsing - so as long as I don't have to look at it, it's ok. Homecoming is tonight and everyone is excited, I have to pick up Becky's flowers this morning and David got Jackson's suit from the cleaners. Of course it's raining this morning and will probably be raining tonight but that's not putting a damper on anything. Vincent just came in, he's soaked - he insisted on going out this morning and reappeared in the window a minute ago wearing the classic Drowned Rat ensemble. He's now sitting on my foot drying himself off, such a considerate fellow, sigh.

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