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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Some Outdoors Is Greater Than Others

The leaves are finally getting spectacular, all over now. It's not all over though, some towns I drive through are still green and others are a riot of color. I'm going out to Holbrook tomorrow and plan on taking a lot of pictures there. The mountains are getting really nifty looking with all the oranges, reds and yellows. They're predicting some wild weather though and it was pretty windy today so I hope we don't have one big storm and instant bare trees. David's latest project is the hot tub room - he's actually rebuilding it with recovered lumber so it's pretty cheap, just very messy.  We're busy just doing stuff lately, work has been very busy but I think it's about to fall off, I'm discharging a pile of patients this week and things are pretty quiet on the western front which has me a bit worried. And I have plenty to worry about so I dont need any help from outside sources.This weekend I'm finally putting away my winter clothes which David got down the other day, all that and the temps in the 70's today. It's not going to last though according to the weather, they're expecting a cold front. And what's the gas prices in your neck of the woods? Today I saw it as low as $2.45!

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