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Saturday, June 10, 2006

All's Quiet On The Western Front

And it is - there really isn't much going on. The pool guy came Friday afternoon to do a final look and see where the water, electric, etc are - they will be here on Monday to FINALLY put in the pool! David drained it a few days ago to help speed things along and to swamp out the last of the leaves -eww. He was busy sanding down the steps while Pearl was chasing the remainder of the frogs - she slid right by him and down into the swampy bottom of the pool. Being a dog-like indivdual she could of course swim out but boy did she did stink! She's been having a rough time, we bought her a bed to  call her own and she is NOT liking the whole deal. She does grudgingly use it, but usually sneaks into our bed around 4:30am.  Charger is fine but seems to be really slowing up lately, we've noticed it's taking him longer and longer to get up and go. Once he gets moving he's ok and we're still having food issues. It's a catch 22 - I'd like to him to do whatever he wants given his age but the weight he's gained is really making things more difficult for him. Jackson's done with school, the report card should be coming in the mail eventually. We had pizza last night and I let him drive, but Becky was here and I think she made him self concicous - he had me yelling more than once. My other activity is Norton, I hate them. It's not working properly (what else is new??)so after countless form letters I finally got a real response - the "solution" had 13 steps BEFORE you actually got to the fixing part, it was not guarenteed and no you can't call them. Let me clarify that - you CAN call them for $40 a a call. So I think when we get a chance, we'll take the computer to Best Buy and have them put something decent on instead of this stupid Norton - I have to say they're the worst company I've ever dealt with.

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