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Sunday, June 11, 2006

What A Beautiful Day!

When I got home the other day I had to wait for David and Jackson to finish with the tractor - I thought Jackson had gotten it stuck but it turned out David  had and Jackson was helping him out. David got a motor the other day for the other tractor - the guy that sold him the Yazoo also sold him 2nd one for parts so David is of course fixing it to sell. Yesterday the weather was perfect so we were out all day. The dogs- particularly Pearl - have been mole hunting so I spend a great deal of time outdoors yelling STOP IT as they're both tearing up trails of yard to find the tiny creature. Pearl has been awful lately as she's getting all of her adult teeth so her mouth looks like a shark's - two sets of teeth at once. But of course she's miserable because it has to hurt, I'll be glad when she's done. I've got to work today which sucks, but I get paid for it which doesn't. David and I have been clearing the way for the pool guy too, David will be staying home tomorrow and I could be swimming by Wednesday. We do have a heater for it, but we've only used it once and without any great sucess. Aside from cost, I see no point in having a swimming pool if you're going to keep the water at bathtub temepetures, that's just stupid. And I was told it takes up to five days anyhow to heat the water properly - when I tried last summer (we were having people over and David thought they might not like my cold pool) I only let it run for a few hours. We are still staring at the hot tub daily not knowing what to do with the silly thing, hmm. And in case you're interested in celebrating - starting June 12th it is: National Men's Health Week, National Food Safety Week, National Headache Awareness Week AND National Action Week!! Happy Whatever you pick!

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