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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Boy Is Gone

David is currently working on the pump system for the pool, the liner is in and the water is up but of course now it's a leak in the tubing - does it EVER end?? Yesterday I had to take Jackson to McConnellsburg to meet Janet halfway - she and Diane are taking him for a week, then he'll be with his grandparents on LI for a week. I started my day about 3 - 3 am that is. I woke up completely panicked and hysterical, the reason being a patient of mine had recieved a new pump for his infusion and I hadn't thought much of it at the time - I did remember I had wondered about it, but not much else. But at 3 am that charming screaming mi-mi voice had me convinced my patient had recieved the WRONG infusion (the reason for the new pump) and by 4 am my patient was dead, I'd lost my job along with my house since I'd been sued and no one would hire me since I was now facing criminal charges. And of course who can hear the voice of reason at that hour? When I saw the patient later to unhook him I remembered the reason for the pump was a mandatory maintenance issue and realized I HAD checked the medication before I hooked him - I always do. It did make for a long morning and I was still pretty stressed when I got home at 11:30 am to a Ready To Go Now Jackson. We only had to make one return trip  for my cell phone and Jackson drove almost 120 miles of the trip! He did better than he thinks he did - I was so tired and stressed out, not to mention this was our first highway trip for him so I was good I think for about 90 miles then I started stressing and Jackson was getting tired so he got nagged for about 30. We switched at the Cumberland Gap - he was ready to give up the wheel and that's where the highway gets a little more congested and you have to change roads. We got to McConnellsburg about 5 minutes after Janet did so it worked out well travelwise - Jackson just hopped out of my car and into his Aunt's. I got back home around 7 pm and was greeted by the starving masses since David decided to work late. How much fun was that.

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